Editor’s Note

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Greetings from the Anvil Team,
Our mission here is to raise awareness, provide a diversity of voice, and to spark dialogue about issues affecting our community. Every issue of the Anvil focuses on a topic that is important to the changing fabric of Hamilton. Inside, you will find a number of articles from Hamiltonians that come from many different walks of life; their writings will inspire you, frustrate you, and hopefully encourage you to get involved.
In our inaugural issue, we aim our sights at revitalization, and more specifically, one of the major effects of a growing interest in our city, and the investment that comes with it. For a long time, Hamilton’s rough edges and industrial trade made it an undesirable place to live, often ridiculed and avoided by outsiders.
New initiatives and investment in the city have turned that page: condos are on the rise, bustling vibrant communities are popping up across the city, and groovy coffee shops are all helping make it hip to live in the Hammer. On the other side of the this coin, we see many of our neighbours forced to relocate, displaced by the rising cost of living in a place they once called home.
What is gentrification? How has it affected you? And what can we do to mitigate its negative affects? These are the questions we asked your neighbours; inside you will find their answers.

Brandon Braithwaite,
The Anvil


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