What Will The Arts Bring?

BY Bryce Kanbara

“What will the arts bring to economic development?”

(“What will the arts bring to the table?”)

(“What will the arts bring to the equation?”)

(“What will the arts bring to the party?”)

The arts always bring.

The arts bring humanity to an inhumane world.

The arts bring a mirror to our triumphs and our failures, the best in us and the worst.

The arts bring a good, hard look. The arts bring solace.

The arts bring a call for action.

The arts bring delight.

The arts bring condolence to unbearable grief.

The arts bring us face to face with the profoundest feelings we know.

The arts bring us a slice of life.

The arts bring hope for better.

The arts bring beauty.

The arts bring a yearning for more than the daily grind.

The arts bring glimpses of the divine.

The arts bring a forgiveness of sins.

The arts bring joy.

The arts bring the discovery of a world sprung fresh from the Word.

The arts bring light to the mystery of being here all together and alone.

The arts bring an all-of-a sudden fast avenue to the dreams of our ancestors The arts bring illumination.

What will everything else bring to the arts?

If you love the arts, nurture them.

What is art?

“Art is art. Everything else is everything else.” (Ad Reinhardt )



Bryce Kanbara is a visual artist/curator and owner of you me gallery, 330 James St. North, Hamllton. He is a founding member of Hamilton Artists Inc.


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