Gardeners Cultivating Healthy Food, New Gardeners and Community

BY Amy Angelo An article published recently in the Hamilton Spectator states that poverty in this city has not decreased over the past 10 years. This alarming statistic is relevant to this current Food Security issue of the Anvil because food insecurity is rooted in poverty. Poverty is greatly influenced by many factors. According to Tom Cooper of The Hamilton Roundtable for Poverty Reduction, who is … Continue reading Gardeners Cultivating Healthy Food, New Gardeners and Community

The Hamilton Community Food Centre

By Clare Wagner For 30 years, a team of dedicated staff and volunteers at Neighbour to Neighbour Centre have been meeting the issue of food insecurity head on. What started as a small food bank has evolved into a vibrant community centre. Neighbour to Neighbour works to alleviate and prevent poverty by offering access to social supports, tutoring programs for children, utility subsidy programs, counselling … Continue reading The Hamilton Community Food Centre

The Hamilton Farmers’ Market – Long-time Player in the Local Food & Food Security Realms

BY Donna Lee Macdonald The Hamilton Farmers’ Market has been involved in the selling and trading of local food in downtown Hamilton since 1837. The Market is as old as the City itself and in 1883 the first civic building built in Hamilton housed the Market downstairs (where we get our food) and the Council upstairs (where we make our decisions to build our community). This … Continue reading The Hamilton Farmers’ Market – Long-time Player in the Local Food & Food Security Realms

Hamilton Community Garden Network

The Hamilton Community Garden Network (HCGN), a project hosted by the Neighbour to Neighbour Centre, collaboratively supports people in building and sustaining community gardening projects from the perspective of improving food security and community building in Hamilton. community gardens also are a place for learning new skills, building relationships and so many other social, psychological and physical benefits A Community Gardens is when a group … Continue reading Hamilton Community Garden Network

Neighbours Working Together

BY Greg Tedesco As Hamilton continues to grow and change over time, residents remain catalysts for identifying the key issues that our communities face. Demonstrating a desire to gather together to continue to grow the dialogue around neighbourhood change, the Hamilton Neighbourhoods Discussion on Intensification was held on June 16, 2015. In previous years, the Beasley, Central and North End Neighbours Association held joint meetings … Continue reading Neighbours Working Together