A Place Where Everyone Matters

BY Jeanette Eby Continue reading “A Place Where Everyone Matters”


Gentrification And Art: It’s Complicated

BY Taylor Pipe Walking towards the monthly Art Crawl on James St. North, I felt extremely nervous. It was my first gig as a writer and I was worried the artists would be too preoccupied selling their pieces or promoting their work to talk to me; however, the atmosphere of the famous Hamilton street surprised me. I was surrounded by people from different walks of life … Continue reading Gentrification And Art: It’s Complicated

Displacement Checklist

BY Tanya Day Ritchie and Tim Ritchie. Gentrification is a difficult subject. When we discuss it, we seem to be fighting about what it is, whether it’s happening, and whether it?s a bad thing. Where Hamilton is concerned, there is one thing that is indisputable: it used to be cheaper to live here. Five to ten years ago, it was commonplace to see houses for sale, especially in … Continue reading Displacement Checklist

To Fight Gentrification, We Need a Fighting Tenants’ Movement

BY Jason Brock There has been a considerable buzz as of late about the rapid pace of gentrification in this city. Heeding calls for an ambitious re-branding of Steel City by its cultural, political and business elite, an influx of private investment is currently reconfiguring Hamilton’s urban landscape. The resulting discussions have produced a mixed bag of recommendations on how the city’s development can best incorporate … Continue reading To Fight Gentrification, We Need a Fighting Tenants’ Movement

The “G” Word: It’s Time to Shift the Public Discourse

BY Alexandria Anderson Everybody’s talking about downtown cores. The fall of suburbia has given rise to the urban village, spurred by a “back-to-the-city” movement where urban life is the new post-consumer ideal. But as this wave of cultural renewal and growth gains momentum, the “g” word is popping up in headlines, tweets and coffee shop conversations all over the city: gentrification. Opponents of gentrification fear … Continue reading The “G” Word: It’s Time to Shift the Public Discourse