Issue 3 – Art

Every issue of The Anvil focuses on a different topic, how it affects us and what unique things Hamiltonians are doing about it. Our first two issues were focused on Gentrification and Food Security. In our July issue we will be taking a look at art and culture, the changes that Hamilton has seen thanks to the development of the arts culture and what lies in store for the future of this culture.

Our team of volunteers are far from experts on these important issues. This is why we are reaching out to you and others in the community and asking you to share your voice and opinion. Our goal is to provide a diversity of voice, raise awareness and spark dialogue. In order to do this we reach out to a variety of different sources whose opinions might differ on a given subject.

It’s obvious to many that Art is an important part of the character of Hamilton. What else is obvious is that there are many misconceptions about art, artists and this culture. If you are interested in sharing any of your experience, advice, criticisms, questions or knowledge on this topic we would love for you to contribute to the dialogue in our July issue. Below are some writing prompts that our team was throwing around.  Feel free to use them or go off book…


o    Why is art important to Hamilton? To the community? To individuals?

o    Connecting people with art

o    Art as therapy

o    Does art always have a worth?


o    History of Art in Hamilton

o    Why Hamilton? Why has Hamilton become a haven for so many creators?

o    Are artists ‘the foot soldiers of gentrification’?

o    Is new investment and rising rents pushing out artists?

o    Are we at risk of losing another piece of our identity?

o    What can we do to preserve and grow our art culture?

o    Sustainability of Art in Hamilton

o    What’s it like to be an artist in Hamilton?


o    Highlight programs, projects, stories and art pieces that are unique to Hamilton

Articles are usually around 1000 words. In some cases they may have to be cropped for space. We are also on the look for pictures and illustrations to go along with articles. If you are interested in contributing please fill out the submission form below.

Check out previous issues of The Anvil here and feel free to pass on the opportunity to someone else.

Thank you and we hope to hear from you,

The Anvil Team